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Couple's Sessions

A beautiful healing, clearing and balancing of the energetic field that exists between two people, whether spouses, lovers, partners, parent/child, best friends. 


In a virtual Couple’s Session, I address the energetic field that exists between two people in a close relationship who desire to continue to grow and maintain beautiful loving and soulful lives together.  


These sessions are intended to benefit anyone feeling a relationship block or strain pattern between themselves and another willing partner, which once addressed and released, could energetically provide beautiful space in which to understand, forgive and heal. 


Clients are guided into a gentle state of relaxation and rest while I balance the energy and read and address the patterns and obstacles which are presenting to me. 

In my practice my clients are often women who are fearful or frustrated in their desire to conceive.   In a holistic sense, conception can be more than the fertilization of an egg. This can be the beginning of a beautiful soul contract between both parents to bring to earth a new life.  


A Couple’s Healing Session can be used to address any energetic imbalances and can prepare the couple to lovingly welcome a beautiful new light into the world.

A Couple’s session can also be used as a resource to build and improve communication within the couple.  Improving relationship skills such as empathetic listening, creating safety for each partner to express feelings and needs and learning the skill of true collaboration from a place of love, respect and understanding.  


These sessions can be an affirmative and bonding experience for couples who wish to support and grow their relationship.   Before each session we take the time to talk and to set intention and goals.   


Sessions are generally between 60 and 90 minutes.   


If you would like to discuss your paths to healing or simply have questions, you are very welcome to Schedule a Free Consultation by clicking the link.

You may also email Elaine

​Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes.

All sessions are via either phone or Zoom.

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