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You are Invited to a Special Event

An Evening with Elaine

A Healing & Channeling Event

Thursday, September 8th @ 6:30 pm.

Oakwood Retreat Center

3801 S 575 E Rd, Selma, Indiana

Please join us for this very special evening.  We will begin with a guided meditation, creating a sacred and peaceful healing environment.  Elaine will then open the space for  messages, guidance and healing transmissions from her guides.  There will also be an opportunity for individual questions and dialogue with the guides and higher soul beings who come to share in the evening.



$60.00   Event Only

$45.00   Add-On for Reiki II Retreat Participants

Includes early retreat check-in and stay at the Center. (Kitchenette available.) 

Image by Saboor Rana

What is Channeling:  For those unfamiliar, Channeling is a form of telepathic communication with higher soul beings who are not on the physical plane.  These loving beings are dedicated to guiding, healing and supporting those souls who are living/experiencing their current incarnation on earth.    

A little history:  For many years, Elaine's holistic healing practice has focused on individual healing and intuitive guidance sessions.  During the early part of the pandemic, while in a deep trance meditation, a group of celestial beings she had not worked with before came forward.  Their message to her was that the time had come for her to receive “transmissions” and to work with larger groups of people. 

As she tells of the experience, the word “transmissions” didn’t initially resonate with her.  Elaine responded with a bit of confusion, “I don’t know what you mean.”  While she understood connection and talking with her guides and even often used the word “channeling,” the word “transmissions” seemed different.


The response came, “You will know when you are ready.  We will help you.”  In the vision at the time these three somewhat unfamiliar and yet incredibly loving beings seemed to be watching her from a long hallway with office-like rooms along the side.  One of them had a clipboard with what appeared to her to be a metaphoric checklist with her perception being she would be guided step by step along the way.  She remembers chuckling to herself when she saw the clipboard.  Elaine likes checklists, especially the ones with boxes to mark off.   She appreciated the sense of support and clarity they indicated would come over time.


During the more than two years since this first revelation, while in trance and meditation, the vision would return to Elaine often.  Each time the feeling of support and understanding increased and at times it would seem as if these loving beings were sitting next to her, communing with the deepest inner-being part of her.  Over time, she began to “Understand the Assignment.”


While hiking in the beautiful mountains near her home in North Carolina recently, the timing became quite clear and the decision to create the add-on event for her Reiki II Immersion Retreat was conceived.  And so, here we are!  Hope you can join us at this amazing inaugural event. 


If you are having a group event and would like to discuss adding a channeling and healing session with Elaine, or if you are interested in a smaller private group session, please contact Elaine through this form and she will be glad to connect with you and answer any questions you may have.   Sessions available in person or zoom. 

Schedule a Private Group Healing Event

Thank you for your interest! Elaine will be in touch soon!

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