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  Soul Session

These intuitive Soul Guidance Sessions are beneficial when one is seeking clarity and insight on a particular issue or life’s journey in general. ​  

Through these psychic intuitive guidance readings, connecting with the wisdom of my personal guides as well as the loving guides of my clients, questions can be asked, obstacles cleared and guidance given.  They are also wonderful opportunities for uncovering and releasing subconscious blocks to healing, peace and wholeness.

These sessions provide an opportunity for a profoundly beautiful shift in your life.   Multiple Sessions may be needed over time and I support my clients in following their own instincts in the timing of their healing process. ​

If you would like to discuss your path to healing or simply have questions, please Schedule a Free Discovery Call or email

30 or 60 Minute Sessions


Image by Mohamed Nohassi

"When faced with the deep emotions that come with infidelity in a relationship, Elaine knew what I needed when I couldn't stop crying long enough to figure out what I needed for myself." ~ Suzanna

Note:  A Discovery Call is NOT required to schedule a Soul Session.

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