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Isn't it amazing?  We are living now in unprecedented times.  We have access to more intuitive and personal paths to healing and wholeness than ever before!  I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your personal journey. 

With a quick Free Discovery Call, we get a chance to connect and discuss your needs and goals before scheduling your session.

Please note that Soul Sessions and Somatic Bodywork may be scheduled at any time.  However, Past Life Regression, Ancestral Healing and Soul Retrieval all require a quick call before making the appointment.

Love & Light on your Journey


Schedule a Private Group Healing Event

Thank you for your interest! Elaine will be in touch soon!

Navigating in Woods

Past Life Regression - $300

Ancestral Healing - $150

Soul Retrieval - $150

Soul Session

     30 min - $50

     60 min - $100

     75 min - $130

Somatic Bodywork

     60 min - $100

     75 min - $130

(Fees may be prorated if time is over-extended.)

1515 Haywood Road, Hendersonville, NC


Disclaimer: Working with Elaine during a private healing session is not a substitute for licensed medical, psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.  Elaine encourages you to seek help from a healthcare professional if that is what you need.You are solely responsible for the information you provide to in your session and for your interpretation of her advice and guidance.

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