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Soul Retrieval

A Soul Retrieval Healing Session is a gentle and loving exploration through a soul’s experiences with the purpose of gathering together the fragments of the energy field/soul which split off or remained behind during emotional, traumatic or transitional events in life.


These pieces often fragment in order to push away or protect the whole and allow us to move on in life. Both the fragmenting and the retrieval are divinely guided to assist in the journey of this lifetime and to return us to wholeness.

The timing of a Soul Retrieval is most often instinctive for clients, after having lived with a sense of loss or a resistance to life’s journey for long enough. This loss may manifest as a lack of joy, depression, low motivation, the feeling that something within is missing. Most commonly, clients state they are churning within, having a desire to move through something, yet feeling anchored to the past.

These sessions provide an opportunity for a profoundly beautiful shift in your life.  Multiple Sessions may be needed over time.   I support my clients in following their own instincts in the timing of their healing process. ​

If you would like to discuss your path to healing or simply have questions, please schedule a Free Discovery Call or email Elaine

Sessions are typically 75 to 90 minutes.

Image by Anne Nygård

A Discovery Call is required before scheduling a Soul Retrieval Session. 

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