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Her-Story: About Elaine
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Creating this space and opportunity for Healing, Awakening and Transformation for you is the joyful purpose of my life.  I am myself a spiritual seeker and it is an honor to be a loving companion on your healing journey.  


I am a second generation clairvoyant and healer.  I believe deeply that we are all, from the moment we are born, on the path to awakening. We are each born with the most amazing hearts and souls, with limitless possibilities for love, peace, healing and wholeness. No matter the twists and turns our lives take, the beauty in the design of our heart and soul is they are always open to healing.  

Born into an Irish Catholic and yet mystical family, I had an early awareness of the power of intuition.  My mother and my aunts were what they would refer to as "intuitive."  Mom quietly used her gift to connect with her guides and the guides of many friends and family seeking insight. The support and messages she channeled were always so loving, patient and healing for their receiver.  Although she is now on the other side of the veil, my "Tiny Mommy" is a powerful presence in my life and work to this day.


Through the gift of channeling and psychic medium readings, I see and deeply feel the various energies of those around me.  I have been receiving insights and messages for friends and family throughout my life,  And now I joyfully answer the call to use this gift to do purposeful and direct healing work.   It is my honor to be on this journey with you.  

~ Elaine

Rock Maze

My Personal Past Life Regression Story

I came upon Past Life Regression hypnosis decades ago while reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, MD.  The case studies he reported fascinated me, the healing that occurred was profound and the concept of past lives simply resonated as truth to me.  At that time, I simply tucked it away in my memory banks and went on about life.

Many years later I found myself in a repetitive behavioral and emotional loop in my relationships.  At the same time, I had begun to manifest physical feelings of an intense heaviness as though weights had been placed on my chest.  After exhausting all medical or physical causes of this feeling, I began searching for a regression therapist.  I sought PLR as a way to assist in understanding this feeling and hopefully healing this loop.  

My experience in the session was life changing.  I was able to see a few lifetimes in which my current partner and I had created a repetitive dysfunction.  I was thankfully able to see how it was not relevant or necessary to my present life.  I also discovered the mystery of the heaviness I had been feeling on my chest.  There was one unfortunate lifetime wherein I had been abandoned as a baby on church steps.  To keep me warm, heavy wool blankets were placed over me.  The blankets became wet and became quite heavy.  The feeling of abandonment and heaviness of the blankets had followed me into this lifetime and I was able to leave it there and return to my present life in which that issue is no longer relevant.

I want to say also that in my personal experience, the healing that comes from any regression therapy is a gradual one.  Many of my clients confirm this, saying they feel some clarity and relief directly after a session.  Most commonly they report back that the healing, clarity and changes to their life happen over time.  

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