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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing -- healing your ancestral patterns -- is the healing of

trans-generational cycles.  It is the healing of ancestral patterns and wounds that our forefathers and mothers hold in place for us and that pass to us through our energetic familial lines.

At its core, Ancestral Healing is an invitation to our ancestors to assist in the journey of our lifetime. Everything is energy and the energetic “DNA” of our soul’s lineage travels through the generations.  It isn’t just your beautiful Irish singing voice you inherited from your Great Aunt Carol.  The energy of pain, patterns of suffering and general dysfunction are also gifted to us through our Ancestors, and especially direct-line Ancestors such as our parents. 

The decision to work with your ancestral line is one that not only opens a healing pathway to past generations, more importantly, it heals generations to come.   This beautiful healing work most often reveals insights to life’s twists and turns, bringing a deeper understanding of your journey.

If you would like to discuss your path to healing or simply have questions, please Schedule a Free Discovery Call or email Elaine


These sessions provide an opportunity for a profoundly beautiful shift in your life.  Multiple Sessions may be needed over time.   I support my clients in following their own instincts in the timing of their healing process. 

Sessions are typically 75 - 90 minutes.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Note:  A Discovery Call is Required before Scheduling an Ancestral Healing Session

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