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Healing Circles

Experience a Group Healing Circle which can include a combination of guided meditation, hands-on healing, intuitive guidance, all with the gift of human connection.

Setting a pure group intention for healing and working with Universal Light Energies, I am uniquely guided to provide healing attention to each person based on their stated needs. 


You may experience the supportive energy of community as well as individual healing through intuitive guidance and release of  any negative energies or heavy emotions which may be creating blocks to wholeness, balance, peace and joy. Sessions are designed to bring deep relaxation and release of stress, anxiety, and emotional burdens. 


With the addition of guided meditation, these sessions can be used to assist you in learning to meditate and to create an individual meditation practice.  I invite you to bring regular meditation into your daily life. 


Sessions are 2 hours and can accommodate any number of guests.

Uplifted Youth
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