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Benefits of Past Life Regression

A PLR session heals the present moment by resolving the unfinished business of the past. It will reveal clues to unexplained memories and provides insights into your current life. 

While there are many therapeutic and beneficial uses of PLR, it can also be simply an exciting journey to uncover a deeper connection to your soul and to living a more purposeful and fulfilled life (this time around).

Past Life Regression is often used to:

  • Clear emotional stress and trauma

  • Lessen or resolve physical pain and health issues

  • Calm feelings of anxiety or depression

  • Heal troubled relationships

  • Recognize and understand clues & insights into your current life

  • Reveal past-life souls you know from your current life

  • Understand and change problematic behaviors or patterns

  • Mentally, emotionally and spiritually unify past life experiences with your soul’s life lessons

  • Uncover dormant past life gifts and talents

  • Connect you with your Spiritual Center

  • Discover the meaning of your Soul Contracts and Agreements

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